dinsdag 14 december 2010

I want to be her

Check out this great new blog: I WANT TO BE HER

It is by Andrea Linett, she is the co-founder and former creative director of Lucky Magazine. She stops great looking woman on the streets of New York and asks them the details of their personal style. Then she features an illustration (by Anne Johnston) or photo, along with the girls' personal styling tips (including addresses).

This is what she says about her blog:

"I want to be a different woman every day. Sometimes I see her on the street, sometimes I see her in a magazine, but I always want to try her clothes on even if it’s just for one day.

We will bring you a few women every week – some I’ve spotted just walking around, some I’ve conjured up in my head. Some are illustrated by Anne from my notebook scratchings, and others will be photographed. Then of course we’ll take you to where you can buy everything you need to get the whole look.

We hope you enjoy and get inspired! xxoo Andrea Linett "

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