donderdag 22 maart 2012


Assouline Publishing announced the release of a real collector's itme: a set of three historical books, "the Dior gift box".

It includes Dior Fashion - 80 pages of the history of haute couture, as embodied in clothing, haute couture; Dior Perfume - Perfume evolution of the fashion house, and Dior Fine Jewellery - the album is incredibly beautiful jewelry by Christian Dior.

Each photo shows a certain stage of development of the fashion house, but it's not just a story of one brand - the story itself is one of high fashion,given to us, year after year, by Dior. The world of sophistication and elegance, the expression of the French tradition of haute couture - and this kind of fashion is called an art.

The contribution of Christian Dior in the haute couture is difficult to overestimate. The pages of these three books, albums may find their inspiration artists, designers, musicians and actors, in fact, looking at them, you feel involved in the complex and incomprehensible, but very attractive world of high fashion.

The Gift Set is available @ Assouline.
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