zondag 30 oktober 2011

A crazy October

A small tea dome at the river Vecht, taken from our sloop

It's been a little crazy this month, don't worry ... fun crazy... but it's been keeping me busy. Which showed in my postings, sorry I haven't been doing a very good job. What's been keeping me so occupied: birthday dinners and parties, my own :). My job: 2 huge campaigns, which I am responsible for, have been going live - with everything (on and offline marketing campaign, global branding -print, tv and radio), to many fun parties, and I have been travelling - mostly in Holland itself - a lot.

I'll be writing some blogs about special places to visit in Holland, cause although I'm Dutch and have seen and see a lot of my own country. The beauty of it astonishes me everytime. Someone who's really great in capturing that "specialness" of Holland is Pia Jane Bijkerk - she keeps a great blog and makes the most beautifull pictures, check out one of my  previous blogs: Amsterdam a snowy winter wonderland.
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