zaterdag 20 augustus 2011


About a month or two months ago, for my work, they gave me a new laptop. Don't know if it was because of me, but it's a idiot proof laptop and weighs about 3kg. I've been towing it around and my right shoulder now is positioned a couple of centimeters lower then my left shoulder. So I decided to get me a "stewardess" troley. I have a black one at home, which is very practical and so I am using it, but it's also a bit dull and I really want a fun one ... So I've looking around and found this really cute one from Longchamp - which will look adorable with a pair of blue jeans- but in doing so I also came across some georgeous others bags from Longchamp!! Don't think it'll be just the troley I'm getting ;)

Longchamp Patch Poney Toile Suitcase with wheels

Longchamp Balzane Handbag Tartan Green

Longchamp Balzane Handbag Brown

Longchamp Roseau Handbag Black

Longchamp Roseau Hobo Bag Black

Longchamp Xlight Handbag
Longchamp Patch Poney Toile Handbag
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