vrijdag 19 augustus 2011

A little homesick

About a week ago, I was sailing on the ocean having breakfast - after getting up real early to get through a sluice on time - a croissant and cup coffee. I wasn't quite awake yet, looking left of the boat I spotted a seal and on my right as well ... What an amazing way to wake up. The freedom to travel where the wind blows and the currents flow. You might have guessed I am having trouble to settle in my daily office routine :) Luckily I in a couple of weeks I might be going back to France (Bretagne) with some friends to sail a ship back to the Netherlands .....

A great place to go, if you're thinking of sailing in the UK, is the Solent area. Beginning of August, every year, you can also find there the Cowes week @ the isle of White - a great happening, so much fun (also at night - some very good parties) and spectacular things to watch. Just some pictures of this years event, when we were there.

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