dinsdag 5 juli 2011

Vogue Italy - Linda Evangelista

When I was a little girl I loved browsing through the Vogue Magazines (we always had the UK, US and sometimes Paris) that lay underneath our coffee table. I could spend hours just watching the fashion, the models and loved the covers. That is probably why I keep certain editions, which I bought in later years. This weekend I was cleaning up my attic and came across a lot of golden oldies :). Before I knew it was late afternoon ... but it was like travelling back in time and it was so much fun!

Vogue Italy 1989 February

One of the things I noticed besides the hair, fashion and photography and layout styles of the magazines which evolved through the era's, yes I am really getting that old ;). Is that every magazine (Paris, Italy, US, UK) had in every era it's favorite models for the cover. Like how the French Vogue adores Kate Moss for a couple of decades now, or how they loved to use Brooke Shields in the early 80's or Carolyn Murphy in the middle of the 90's... and I can go on.

In the coming weeks I'll probably show you some of my personal favorite covers and I would like to start of with one of the greatest models (in my opinion) Linda Evangelista and the Italian Vogue ... They had a special thing going on. But check it out for yourself, starting in  Febuary 1989 and the last one I've got is from August 2009 ...

Vogue Italy 1989 November

Vogue Italy 1990 Febuary

Vogue Italy 1990 July

Vogue Italy 1991 September

Vogue Italy 1992 September

Vogue Italy 1993 March

Vogue Italy 1993 May, Linda together with Amber Valetta, Christi Turlington, Naomi Campbell and Shalom Harlow

Vogue Italy 1994 January

Vogue Italy 2003 Febuary

Vogue Italy 2005 July

Vogue Italy 2008 June

Vogue Italy 2009 August

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