dinsdag 1 maart 2011

Why French Women Don’t Get Fat?

French women eat two warm meals a day, drink lots of wine and eat bread and cheese. How is it possible that they can eat whatever they want, but still stay slim? It’s a question I have been asking myself for years, but apparently I am not the only one because Mireille Guiliano did the same. She not only got the answer but also made a cookbook about it chock full with tasty recipes. And has a style of writing that is so inviting, it makes you feel as though she’s a close friend dropping by for a visit.

According to Mireille the secret is simple: enjoy eating, taste what you eat, use good ingredients and don’t be too strict on yourself.... So bring on the chocolate and champagne!!
In this book you read about the how and why behind the secret and solution, but above all it’s loaded with real tasty recipe’s, great tips, tidbits and quotes.

Want to read more... Mireille Guiliano not only wrote French Women Don’t Get Fat, but is also the bestselling author of French Women For All Seasons, and Women, Work & the Art of Savoir Faire.

P.s. it's also available in Dutch @ bol.com
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