woensdag 9 maart 2011

Going to Italy?

If you're thinking of going to travel to Italy, befor you do check out the new website by Mikaela Bandini: Urban Italy. This new website is devoted to travel, design and the discovery of an alternative Italy in all forms. With a clear goal to help people discover something new and surprising.

Some of her current headlines:

Viterbo | Arboreal Living

In the heart of the ancient Etruscan lands, where Tuscany meets Latium, hospitality has embraced green architecture (literally interpreted) with more than a touch of luxury. This is where your eco-trip around Italy turns seriously sophisticated. The Black Cabin is ... More

Venice | Fragile Creations

Marina and Susanna Sent took on the family business in the ancient Venetian craft of glass making. They brought experience in the world of fashion and a flair for contemporary design to traditional techniques, and now produce exclusive collections of ... More

Rome | Comfort food 24/7

Quiet and unassuming isn't exactly what Urban Italy is all about, but it can be a winner when there's real spirit and substance underneath. Mamà restaurant and bistrot opened last year and has great reviews and aficionados galore. It's small and bright, ... More

Milan | Methacrylate Vintage

A talented journalist friend of mine, Paola Baldacci, has just put me on to this little gem: a gorgeous new take on the classic clutch bag. For Chanel, Mademoiselle Coco's wonderful little quilted creation is still emblematic (fashion moves on ... More

More Architecture without Architects

(Title borrowed from Bernard Rudofsky's book on non-pedigree architecture.) A trullo is an extraordinary building, certainly unlike anything else on mainland Italy. It's small and round with a conical roof, something you'd imagine a hobbit might emerge from. But no, the ... More
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