maandag 14 februari 2011

Honeysuckle your day !

A friend of mine friendly pointed out to me that the last couple of weeks I haven't been very active in posting on my blog and asked when I was going to do so :). So this past weekend I was browsing through my old posts and it seems that every year febuary is my least active month.

It is not on purpose... so how come, maybe cause half of all my friends seem to have their birthday  in Febuary and I am out most days of the week going to their birthday parties. Or is it because Febuary doesn't really do a lot for me: here in Holland Febuary seems to be "nothing" it's not winter, it's not spring or summer or even fall with it's beautiful colors... it's just a bit grey and dreary. So I decided I could use a bit of colour and fun ..... For me combine those two and you get fashion :) ....

Some blogs ago, I shared that "honeysuckle" is Pantone's colour of the year so I was curious to see what effect that's had on fashion today...

It seems that at this point, still winter, it's mainly used as an accessorie color:

New York Fashion Week 2011: Tommie Ton for

New York Fashion Week 2011: Tommie Ton for

New York Fashion Week 2011: Tommie Ton for

The accessories I would personally shop would be these two:

Bag: Christian Dior, Bracelet: Aurelie Biderman

If you would like to accessorize "Honeysuckle" pink as well, but don't want to spend to much money and also aid a good cause... check out the Pink Ribbon site and their local sites as well. Take for instance the Dutch site and their online webshop, they've got some really cool stuff.

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