woensdag 1 december 2010

Ivy League

When reading the online GQ magazine this morning, because I always love Tommy Ton's men's street style captures, my eye was caught by photographer Gordon von Steiner. He turned his lens to the blue-blooded style aces at the head of Princeton's class. Some of my favorites:

Ps. If like me you like the ivy league style for men, also check out one of my previous blogs ... there is a great book about it on my whishlist: Take Ivy, the long-out-of-print Japanese photo book that chronicled manners of dress on America's Ivy League campuses during the mid-'60s (original copies are scarce, and fetch high prices from preppy-style obsessives) has been reprinted in English. The book's 145 photographs capture a sartorial sensibility that is just as prevalent today as it was over 50 years ago.

Or check out the blog Ivy Style. Brought to the Web by two non-Ivy Leaguers—and written with a passion only outsiders can muster—Ivy Style is a newish blog that aims to sate cravings for patrician fashion.
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