zondag 12 september 2010

Black Butterflies

I'm really looking forward to the release of "Black Butterflies". It's a movie about the life of the South African poet Ingrid Jonker. The film will be directed by Paula van der Oest; Scenario by Greg Latter; Leading parts: Carice van Houten als Ingrid Jonker, Rutger Hauer als Abraham Jonker and Liam Cunningham als Jack Cope. The film deals with the life of Ingrid Jonker (1933-1965) and her relationships with men in particular the difficult relationship with her father Abraham Jonker, a Minister in the era of apartheid.

Not only is Carice one of my favorite actresses, Rutger Hauer a childhood hero, but I also can't wait to see Carice wearing the glasses by Ralph Vaessen. Ralph is one of THE rising stars and not only in the Dutch fashion scene... his glasses are worn, among others, by Christian Louboutin, David Lynch and Kate Moss. In the pictures: Carice wearing "Ralph Vaessen"

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