woensdag 28 januari 2009

Marketing trends 2009

Anderson Analytics researched for MENG (Marketing Executives Networking Group) the importance of various marketing trends among MENG members – What was hot in 2008 and is not in 2009. It is an interesting report to read, especially when keeping in mind the current Global recession and see how marketers expect to act.
The 5 most important trends:
  1. Insights and innovation. The most important strategy the marketing executive wants to use in times of recession. 72% of executives say that will do the same kind of effort in innovation and over three quarters of executives say R&D and use of Market Research will either stay the same or increase.
  2. Customer first. “Customer Satisfaction”& “Customer Retention” remain the marketing concepts which are most interesting and relevant to majority of marketing executives. Followed by: Marketing ROI, Brand Loyalty, Segmentation, Quality, SEO, Competitive Intelligence, and Data Mining
  3. Green is less important. Global warming drops with 14 places in the list. Green marketing, Alternative Energy score less than last year.
  4. Marketing executives have had it with Web 2.0. The number of marketing executives that say they are a tired of hearing “Web 2.0”and other Web 2.0 related buzzwords such as “blogs” and “social networking” has doubled opposed to 2008. At the same time they state that they don’t know enough about these subjects. In November 2008 67% of the respondents thought of himself as a beginner when it concerns Web 2.0 related subjects.
  5. China the greatest foreign opportunity. 53% of the marketers that work abroad see the most potential in China. India follows in second place with 17% of the votes. Boomers represent the most important demographic. However, the perceived importance of Generation X and Y grew significantly compared to last year
Best books to read, according to the respondents: Good to Great, Groundswell, Hot Flat and Crowded, The Black Swan, Predictably Irrational, Mavericks at Work, The New Rules of Marketing and PR, The Art of the Start, Purple Cow, Go Put Your Strengths to Work en Our Iceberg is Melting.
Seth Godin remains the favourite marketing/business guru this year as well. Warren Buffet and Malcom Gladwell now occupy second and third place, respectively.
If you want to read the full report, including Respondents Demographics, please visit: http://www.andersonanalytics.com
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