zaterdag 10 januari 2009

A luxurious 2009

Every month I receive a newsletter from, the name says it all it's a consumer trend watching company. In their latest newsletter they asked the following question: The Future of Luxury. How will luxury brands fare this year? What will define luxury over the next few years?
With a global financial crisis going on... we still need to indulge ourselves sometime in a bit of luxury it may not be the "over the top"bling bling anymore and maybe it will be a bit more modest?
I think that especially in these times we all need a bit of luxury to feel good and it may be that you find luxury in material things or maybe it is the luxury we find in some extra time to enjoy the things we already have. This was also what they said in the newsletter: ‘luxury will be whatever you want it to be’. After all, what constitutes luxury is closely related to what constitutes scarcity. More than ever, scarcity is in the eye of the beholder, especially those beholders who are desperately trying to be unique.
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