dinsdag 16 mei 2017

Ellie van Doorne

What do think of these prints by Ellie Vandoorne? I just love her bird/ flower head girls, just can't choose which one to get :)

About Ellie and her work: She was born in France, went to school in England, trained in Sydney and then moved back to the UK. Her design and artwork is varied, but really creative and vivacious. She collaborates with other creative people like for instance designer Matthew Williamson on the cover of his book ‘Matthew Williamson: Fashion, Print and Colouring Book’.

Ocean Girl by Ellie Vandoorne, more info
Butterfly Girl by Ellie Vandoorne, more info
Bird Girl by Ellie Vandoorne is a mixed media piece using pencil and collage.
The girl in this artwork was heavily inspired by a photo of Celia Hammond
taken by Bert Stern for the July issue of Vogue 1963. More info

This is how Bird Girl looks against a beautiful Matthew Williamson wallpaper.

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