zondag 19 maart 2017

How to look taller? ( Part 1)

How many of you just wish you were just a little bit taller and with it look a bit slimmer? Some great tips that instantly give you that extra inches...

A) Feel, Stand, Sit and Walk Tall
Posture is everything, so sit, walk and feel like a dancer/ ballerina and you will immediately look like you've grown a couple of inches.

B) A Matter of Proportions
Fashion, according to Coco Chanel, is the architecture; it is a matter of proportions. One of the most common reasons for looking shorter in clothes is bad balance. Bad balance reinforces body flaws, while good balance hides the body flaws.
Leah Feldon in her book, “Does this make me look fat?” writes that there is a real feeling of empowerment that comes from knowing what’s right for you and wearing clothes that perfectly suits your body. How you feel in clothes is as important as how you look in them. When you feel confident, you look confident. Most of us feel better about ourselves when we’re at our slimmest and know we look good to others. That’s when we feel and exude the most self-confidence.

C) Wardrobe
Every piece of clothing you put on your body is made up of four basic design elements: proportion, line, color, and texture. To look your slimmest and tallest, each of those four elements has to be right on target – and perfectly in sync with your body.

Some simple wardrobe tips:

1) Wear High Heels
No extra info is required, says it all :)

2) Get Your Pants Hemmed
If you’re truly a petite woman, chances are you’ve purchased petite pants that were still too long. Instead of putting up with it and having bunched up fabric at your ankles, pay to have the pants hemmed. It will cost around $8 per pair, but your pants will look much better and your legs will look longer. When your pants bunch up at the bottom, your body practically screams that you have short legs. However, when you pants are hemmed to the proper length, they look perfect and don’t point out the length of your legs. Or you can do the "French cuff" a chique and simple way to solve the problem. In this you just simply fold your jeans inward. Read more about the French cuff in Garance DorĂ©'s blog.

3) Wear Skinny Jeans, If You Have the Body for Them
Skinny jeans are a great way to make your legs appear longer. But be careful!! Not everyone is made to wear skinny jeans. In fact, they aren’t a flattering style for plus sized women. However, if you’re skinny enough to pull this look off, you certainly should. Skinny jeans can make the shortest of legs appear much longer. The reason is the jeans create thin lines. Just remember not to wear too long tops. Instead, pair your skinny jeans with a tucked in tank top or a shirt that is cut to fit a petite body shape.

4) Purchase Pointy Toed Shoes
One of the easiest things you can do to make your legs look longer is to wear pointy toed shoes. Granted, there are a lot of shoes out there that look fabulous and have blunt tips, but these will not do you any good. When the tip of the shoe is blunt, it creates an abrupt ending in the lines of your legs. In order to keep the line flowing, it’s best to wear pointy toed shoes, which will elongate the leg. If you have small feet, you may even want to look for styles that stretch out a inch or so beyond your toes.

5) Shop for Petite Tops
Pants aren’t the only clothing that come in petite lengths. When you shop in high quality department stores, you can also find tops that are cut to fit shorter people. What does this have to do with your legs? Believe it or not, too long of a top can make your legs appear shorter. This is because you’re cutting off the top third of your legs with your shirt. Instead of wearing tops that hit at mid thigh, opt for shirts that hit no further down than the tops of your pants pockets. If you’re worried about short tops showing your belly, you can stick with longer tops, just be sure to tuck them in.

6) Dark Neutrals
Dark neutral colors make you look thinner and taller. The secret behind the slimming power of darker colors is their ability to absorb light and recede into the background – rather than reflect light and pop out, as lighter and brighter colors do. Navy and black are perfect examples of dark neutral colors. The Darker the color, the better. Dark neutral colors are simply more appropriate for more occasions and have the added bonus of being very easy to dress up with accessories
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