vrijdag 17 januari 2014


Shoes, bags ... things I just love to collect. Can't help it. But there is something else I love to collect and that's beautiful or fun but always qualitative porcelain: tea sets, dinner plates, etc.etc. So no wonder that I am a big fan of Seletti.

For those of you who don't know Seletti. Seletti is an Italian story of vision and evolution. Established in 1964, in Cicognara - Mantova, by Romano Seletti. Who since 1972 travelled extensively to the Far East, especially around China with Luigi Goglio, who was an expert in international business. 

Today, Seletti is working with young Italian and international designers, who are quickly making their own mark. Their desire is to create a group that can grow and evolve together.

It is a challenge that as far as I am concerned is producing some really great stuff!

Seletti Hybrid collection

Seletti Hybrid collection

Seletti Hybrid soup plate

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