maandag 23 december 2013

The magical gardens Of Marqueyssac, France

The Gardens Of Marqueyssac are one of the most gorgeous and lush garden designs I've ever seen.
These Italian styled gardens surround castles that have been around for centuries! They are comfortably located in the hills of Perigord and cover an area of about 22ha.

You can stroll around the gardens without a guide thanks to illustrated signs and panels which provide information on the history of the site and the fauna and flora throughout the park. It is also possible to follow a guide for no extra cost between the months of April and September. The domain also features a boutique and a “salon de thé” (open from Easter to the end of October) which both offer spectacular views over Beynac Castle.

Just Absolutely stunning and gorgeous. I will seriously visit this place next time when I'm in the Perigord, France!

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