zondag 19 augustus 2012

W a n d e r l u s t

It is delivering on it's promise to become one of the French capital's hottest hotspots, managed as it is by the Savoir Faire Group, who currently look after the city's hip nightclubs Social Club and Silencio, the latter a project with cult film director David Lynch. With the largest terrace in Paris (1600 square meters), an 80-seat open-air cinema, a club, a bar and a restaurant run by the talented Benjamin Darnaud, Wanderlust already has an awful lot going for it. Architects Jakob+MacFarlane describe it as 'a multidisciplinary space mixing relaxation, leisure and culture'.

On opening night, the French electro D.J./producer duo Cassius was spinning in a neon-tinged cube. Early in the evening, guests sat in slate-gray chairs, the same as those scattered about the Tuileries, sizing each other up across the wood-slatted horizon. As the night wore on, out came the laser light show and video projections, and, voilà, a dance floor grew like a fungus, with plastic wineglasses breaking everywhere underfoot.

In addition to dance parties (Vice Paris plans to hold its fifth anniversary bash there), Wanderlust will host myriad interdisciplinary activities that cull from art, fashion, music, cinema and cuisine. The fashion programming is especially stellar, with the participation of the Musée Galliera, London’s Victoria & Albert Museum and Paris’s tony fashion school the Institut Français de la Mode. Fashion film marathons in the outdoor “theater” (80 seats with headphones) will include a screening of “The Wild One,” starring Marlon Brando (theme: men’s fashion) and Mervyn LeRoy’s “Lovely to Look At” (theme: Paris, capital of fashion).

Just wander your way over to the up and coming 13th Arrondissement and check out all that this must-visit hotspot has to offer. Next to being a club, on weekends in the afternoon, Wanderlust is also a place where you can follow all kinds of workshops – even yoga classes. It’s open every Wednesday to Sunday until October. And make sure you don’t miss the spectacular view of the Seine!

 Wanderlust 32, quai d’Austerlitz, in the 13th Arrondissement. Paris

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