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Miroslava Duma

Her name is Miroslava Mikheeva Duma but her friends call her Mira. You can spot her at all the important fashion events and the streetstyle photographers, especially Tommy Ton, Garance Doré and Scott Schuman, love to shoot her.

I just love her style and make up, you might like her, envy her or absolutely hate her, but this tiny Russian woman is absolutely the “It Girl.”

Spotted by TommyTon at the fashion shows earlier this year:

Picture by Tommy Ton for Style.com

Picture by Tommy Ton for Style.com

Picture by Tommy Ton for Style.com

Picture by Tommy Ton for Style.com

Picture by Tommy Ton for Style.com

Miroslava was an editor for Harper's Bazaar (Russia)and now is a freelance writer and fashion consultant for numerous publications such as OK Magazinee (Russia), Tatler, Glamour (Russia)and is Founder of www.buro247.ru (a killer style website that is gaining more and more momentum with every post that’s published). She is the daughter of Vasilay Duma, a Russian senator. Miroslava is also the founder of charity, Mira's Planet.

Amongst others Miraslava's favourite designers include, Miu Miu, YSL, Lanvin, Alexander Wang and Prada.

So what are some of Miroslava’s style and keys to a successful look?
1. Chic & smart
A lot of the time Miroslava wears dresses or skirts. Ample or short-skinny fit, she looks always feminine as a young and beautiful girl or a smart classy working woman. You’ll notice this in the photos, always pair it up with a big and eye-catching accessory.

2. Less is more
The notion that simplicity and clarity lead to a good look is always true with Duma. It’s always exasperating to find someone looking great and probably has not spent a lot of time to dress. It’s probably the case, she does not need to do much to stand out, a simple, basic and balanced outfit is key to success. Don’t overdo your look.

3. Think BIG
BIG accessories are always the key (usually a bag). Bags have to be in leather – crocodile skin is even better. You’ll always find her wearing rings and a wrist full of bracelets. Big glasses are a must-have.

4.  Water
Her essential beauty tip is hydrating all day with bottles upon bottles of water.

Also please check out the Coveteur, who just did an article about Mira's style

Picture by: The Coveteur

Picture by: The Coveteur

Picture by: The Coveteur

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