donderdag 3 november 2011

De Vecht

As I told you, I have been travelling through my own country - Holland - a lot in October. Winter was coming and so my boyfriend wanted to bring the sloop to it's winterharbour, instead of Amsterdam where it usually lies in a small harbour in one of the canals. But when we were busy, we decided to just travel on as the weather was so lovely ... and so we did .... for three days travelled by sloop through the middle part of Holland. We stayed at small B&B's depending on where we ended up and if we could reach them from the water.

But to be honest I was amazed by the beauty of especially the Vecht streek. I have known this part of Holland, from the land side ... but it's so beautiful from the water. I took some pictures just check it out for yourself.

It was the perfect ending of a great summer!
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