dinsdag 23 augustus 2011

How to Pose for a Portrait

I am not a great poser, especially in portraits I always look kind of weired. But there is hope!

Sue Bryce, Her photography is quite literally breath taking and perhaps even more impressive then her photography is her savvy business skills. Sue has built a portrait business from zero to $25,000 per week as a single woman with her bare hands!

But she is a specialist in "HOW TO POSE"

Sue: "Most people would agree I AM A POSER… maybe I should get POSER t shirts made. I love to Pose, direct and connect my clients, this I think is the secret to beautiful images. The women I photograph are not models and the definition of a model is very tall – very thin and the ability to move pose and act, undirected. The women I photograph are usually so terrified of being in front of the camera and are a long way out of their comfort zone so they are directed right down to the last eyelash."

She has made 81 posing cards and instruction video's on how to look great/ pose great in a picture. Just check out her "Befor and After" Gallery, some amazing pictures. Also really like her website: in bed with Sue - she keeps a really entertaining blog.

Posing tip - By Sue:
Give people something to lean on and they will always be more comfortable. Even when I can’t see hands I pose hands. It sets the shoulder and the chin and the back. I always stack the boxes high enough to lean on, elbows on the box gives me options to bring the hands up into the shot and fill the frame. Work the shoulder forward and connect the chin, turn the camera sideways and viola.

For Photographers: www.inbedwithsue.com
The Posing Cards: in the shop
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