vrijdag 8 juli 2011

Technique Indiscrete

Just discovered this great perfum!
Indiscrete by Tecnique Indiscrete

The smells of the French countryside
Freshly washed linen.
Burst of laughter, sensual pleasures
Authentic nature.
Picked in a secret garden, Indiscrete is
a timeless feminine fragrance.

The sweet,fruity and gourmet notes of fruits du verger 
and mandarine mixed with 
the flowery touches of rose, jasmin and
tubereuse on a vanille,soft wood,white musk base.

Top note: Bergamot, Fruits du verger, Mandarine.
Middle note: Rose, Jasmin, Tubereuse.
Base note: White Musk, Soft Wood, Caramel, Vanille, Chypre Accent


Louison is a classically-trained perfumer creating original fragrances in his independent laboratory in Paris.

Starting out as a designer in Paris, Belgian born Libertin Louison quickly gained popularity with his clothing collection that interplays elegance with stirring romanticism. Soon after he was invited to join the prestigious haute couture federation, with his innate capabilities to craft garments with dramatic silhouettes in sumptuous use of fabrics, from silk to leather, from cashmere to linen. Soon, his avant-garde sensibility garnered favorable reviews and would draw celebrity clients to his fold.

Taking a three-year hiatus from the rigueur of fashion, Libertin Louison had time to contemplate on his philosophy, his perspective, and his passions. In this moment of reflection, he came to see the profound value of each day, the grandeur of time, to mark the passing of time.

In this reverie, he studied in France at one of the highly prestigious schools of the perfume elite in Paris at "Cinqième Sens" and he developed a range perfumes, scented candles and cosmetic line, under the title "Technique Indiscrete".

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