dinsdag 8 maart 2011

Mr. Porter

About 2 weeks ago Mr Porter, it was the biggest launch ever of a men's luxury-goods online shopping website, opened it’s doors and it’s such cool shop & site! It’s the little brother of Net-a-Porter, but it does really stand on it’s own and is in no way just a copy.

I love the way they set up the promo campaign and how they are trying to reach their audience: Mr Porter uses profiles of men from real life, including a motorbike designer, a banker and a painter, wearing stylish clothes. They offer a limited number of brands (for instance Alexander McQueen and Balmain, traditional brands like Brooks Brothers and shoemaker John Lobb, and more casual sportswear, including J. Crew.) figuring that men prefer a quicker, more selective shopping experience. The site is relatively uncluttered, and will offer short videos with style tips.

"The Mr Porter customer is interested in wearing designer collections, 
but he is not necessarily interested in the silly side of fashion,".

Deliveries from Mr Porter will arrive lushly packaged in tissue paper and a box, all inside a trademark black-and-white paper bag. Mr Porter also invested in a handwriting font inspired by Francis Bacon's penmanship that will be used to put each customer's name on the packaging.

I really like the style icons section where they show you how to get that look, in a modern way, like for instance the ultimate mr. cool Steve McQueen.

Mr Steve McQueen

Mr Steve McQueen is a style icon regular. And, to avoid being predictable, we really did try to leave him out of this one. But it just felt wrong. Come on, the guy starred in the Great Escape, Bullitt and The Thomas Crown Affair, loved racing motorbikes, married Ali McGraw, and wore a chino and Persols like no one else. 

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