donderdag 26 augustus 2010

UXUA Casa Hotel, Brasil

Lured by its idyllic seclusion and natural beauty, travelers for centuries have called the small Bahian fishing village of Trancoso “paradise on earth.” The historic town green overlooking the sea, known as the Quadrado, is the tranquil center of town life where natives gather and horses graze during the day, while during the evening candles alight and the atmosphere turns festive and romantic.

Here within the Quadrado the UXUA Casa Hotel has been realized by designer Wilbert Das, offering 9 unique homes built by local artisans using ecological emphasis and traditional building methods. UXUA’s service is unique, each casa offers the comfort of a private vacation home, while 5-star hotel services remainalways at guest’s beck and call.

UXUA’s chefs and bartenders offer a delightful menu of organic Bahian cuisine, wine, and tropical drinks to be enjoyed poolside, seaside, or delivered directly to each casa. Guests wishing to cook at home enjoy fully-equipped kitchens, and when desired may be assisted by expert local chefs or a variety of caterers.

A full range of beauty and wellness treatments can be enjoyed in the relaxing, rustic confines of the UXUA Spa. The spa also provides fitness and personal training options, including individualized courses of yoga. All spa services are available also in the privacy of each casa.

A visit to the enchanting UXUA Beach Lounge, a ten-minute walk away, offers guests reserved sofas beside warm ocean waters shared by native seaturtles. For a refreshing swim in the UXUA garden there is a one-of-a-kind pool constructed of 40,000 specimens of aventurine quartz, a local stone held to possess powerful healing qualities.

To ensure maximum privacy, the UXUAproperty on Trancoso’s historic Quadrado is exclusive to hotel guests, while the UXUA Beach Lounge is open to the public.

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