zondag 29 november 2009

Interior designer Piet Jan van den Kommer

The philosophy of Piet Jan van den Kommer says it all: "Pure honest materials that get more beautifull by being used and besides that they always consist and display a certain rough authenticity"

Designer Piet-Jan van den Kommer started designing when he was very young, just 14 years old he carved his first design. Fifteen years later, Piet-Jan had developed into a box man who gets his inspiration, above all, from honest and pure materials.
At fourteen he began, in a shed behind the parental home, work on making the first furniture pieces he designed. These were cabinets and tables for a small circle of friends. Soon he had to expand, he doubled the size of his shed. After finishing high school, and a number of years of placements and training years at other companies, in 1998 (he was 24 years old) he started his official own company in Heiloo (in one of the northern provinces in the Netherlands) and later moved to Stompetoren.
Now his office, showroom and workplaces consists of 15.000 M2 of lifestyle products, whilst mainly using natural materials such as wood, zinc, steel, natural stone and concrete.

These natural resources are the foundation of all his designs. Whether it is for decorating an entire home or company, the interior of a living room, kitchen, bathroom, terrace, bar or workplace, Piet-Jan will always look for and find the best and most suited combination of natural materials.

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