woensdag 11 november 2009

The exceptional life of Anna Boom, Judith Koelemeijer

In an interview in a magazine with the writer of this book, Judith Koelemeijer, I got struck by the true story of Anna's life. Anna Boom is a biography written in a such a vivid way... you get sucked in to the book straight away. Anna is still alive, living in Holland, is in her 90's and she flies every couple of weeks to Africa to help people in need, by helping to provide in their basic needs of living.
In the summer of 1942 Anna get's on a train to Budapest. She is off to go to Geza, a Hungarian man a lot older, whith whom she is in love. Until this day, the Dutch Anna had lived with her mother in foreign pensions, in an isolated world. Now she breaks free, even though there is war going on and her Hungarian has been married for years.
The trip marks the beginning of an exceptional life.... In Budapest Anna get's in contact with the Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg. Among others she helps Jews with protection and food.
After the war she decides to try and forget everything. This takes her to follow a French Envoy to Prague, leave the boat to Bombay with a Swiss engineer she marries and at the age of 48 she finally finds her home and peace with the Dutch KLM Director in Estoril. During this time she never speaks a word about her past in Budapest. Until one night the silence is terminated unexpectedly.
Anna Boom is the true story of a woman with many faces and leaves you in wonder about the amount of energy, desire to live life to the fullest and all the adventures in Anna's life.
Especially when you enjoy reading books about "real" people, strong women, or are interested in WOII... you will love Anna Boom.

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