zondag 26 april 2009

Imagine a place where you can relax and escape the pressures of the world...


“Over the years our designs have formed a collection of original and beautiful swings. By combining contemporary with organic forms and skilled craftsm anship we’ve created magical pieces of interactive and functional sculpture which hopefully challenge your pre-conceptions of what a swing should be.” - Fletcher and Myburgh

Fletcher and Myburgh was established in 1999 when as two working artists, Stephen Myburgh and Caroline Fletcher met and fused their passion for blacksmithing and sculpture. Each shared a vision to create functional sculptures that people could interact with. Caroline having set up her own forge in Notting Hill had already produced a collection of one off furniture designs for Liberty, and when Steve, with an enviable background in grand scale sculpture installation arrived, it was the perfect partnership.

Both artists have been led by their desire for a natural and organic lifestyle and by choosing precious recycled metals they’ve achieved a just this. By drawing inspiration from the terrains in which they both grew up, South Africa and Surrey… rolling hills and curving lanes, heat and sunshine, the passion for form is evident. The result is uber chic pieces of copper and fire that work with all the elements, come rain or shine.

Each swing is a usable art installation and with their soulful shapes and sounds a real escape from the norm. They were launched as the mood collection in 2000, stylish, sturdy and stunning and are the most precious gift you could give your garden.

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